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Oct 4, 2012 12:00pm EDT
from the crowd in kansas city. >> that's an accomplishment. >> that is a real accomplishment accomplishment. i think baseball blew the schedule on this playing on the road but anyway, we are excited. >> can't you tell? >> 91 wins is -- 98 wins is great. they'll have to finish it on the road and come back here. >>> i'm excited about saturday. it's sunday i have a lot of concerns about. we have a big shot of cool air headed this way. here's a look at the day planner for the rest of this afternoon. we have temperatures which will be climbing into the low #s on. some spot -- low 80s. some spots maybe 83, 84. partly sunny conditions here and a little more sun as the afternoon wears on. tonight we're down to 70 by 9:00 dipping into the 50s in the suburbs with low 60s in d.c. showers around this morning. even a little bit of drizzle but you'll notice these are a lot of high clouds coming back almost to garrett county now and the rain showers generally south and east of us. a couple down here by richmond. they could still clip areas in southern maryland and the eastern shore. temps a
Oct 3, 2012 12:00pm EDT
is getting four new members. yesterday the d.c. city council approved the measure allowing the metropolitan washington airports authority to add the new members. the district and maryland will each get one more seat on the board. virginia gets two. >>> officials now believe several gunmen took part in the attack that killed a border patrol agent along the u.s.- mexican border. 30-year-old nicklaus ivy was killed in the attack and a second agent was injured yesterday morning. authorities plan to be at the scene of the murder the next few days to collect clues and want to make an arrest in the case. >> at approximately 1:45 in the morning while responding to the sensor activation in that area which is a very active smuggling area, the three agents came under gunfire. >> yesterday's shooting is the first time an agent has been killed while on the job since the shootout occurred two years ago. that incident helped expose operation fast and furious, a botched a.t.f. gun smuggling operation. >>> several suicide bombers launched a deadly attack in syria today killing at least 31 peopl
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2